Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AdWords - Best Keywords

On this blog, it would be beneficial to see how I'm going with my keyword direction.
So, I've been trying to find the best program or site out there that would help me find my top keywords. The one I've decided to go with is Google AdWords site, chosen because of the options it has available for the user for the low, low price of FREE. There are other options out there, but this will be the one focused on today. I'll be using a couple of articles as guides including this detailed article at Barry Wise to help me with discovering my top 5 keywords.

So. I enter my website into the field allowing Google to pick keywords from my site and let the marbles fly. This is what turns up:

Looking at all the keywords available, I can tell that they are all very popular with AdWords and that it would be next to impossible to pick them just with that. The ones that are somewhat unique don't have enough information available to make any kind of decision on them.
So, looking at the list, I'd be looking for something with a high global search rate, with a search rate of something close to that number to show that it hasn't gone down at all in popularity within the past month.

I'm thinking my best bets are:
  • search engine optimization (823,000 & 823,000) - even
  • website traffic (201,000 & 201,000) - even
  • internet marketing (1,830,000 & 1,500,000) - +330,000
  • web site design (673,000 & 450,000) - +223,000
  • web traffic (301,000 & 201,000) - +100,000
I was tempted to choose website marketing (673,000 & 135,000) over internet marketing at first, but then noticed that internet marketing had far more people searching that term. While website marketing had a better return, I thought the higher search amount and still positive return worth the risk.

I've noticed that there are little to no programs out there with KEI results for keywords. Arguably, KEI results make it easier to find the best results for your site, so it's a little suprising that Google wouldn't provide such an option for anyone using their tool. Then I remembered that they're probably trying to get users to use their products to their benefit, and it would only really benefit Google if users used their paid products to complement the free options. This keyword search has a bigger empasis on AdWords and helping you with that, rather than figuring out what would be best for your site. While that is unforunate, it is still useful for that reason. It was really easy to use and extremely helpful. The ability to download your keywords as a textfile or csv file for other use is great as well. It was a great way to discover that my site is still on track, although if I were doing more with this, I would have picked more than 5 keywords to work with.

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