Monday, July 13, 2009

Portfolio Website Major Overhaul Complete!

I have finally finished the redesign of my portfolio website and I am ecstatic! This site is over a years worth of planning. It might not look like much, but so much work went into it.
Everything describes a little bit of my personality, which was my goal. I wanted to find a unique way to display my work that I haven't really seen before, and while the concept itself has been done, the look has not. This would have to be the best site I've made yet, and I am excited to see what other improvements I can do to it as I learn more. I would not have been able to finish it without everything I've learned, and we'll see if the new SEO tips will help at all.

While it's not the greatest plan ever link-wise to create a one page site, I was planning to do more with it later on. Like for instance, I'd like to try out a link page using delicious someday, come up with things that I can share with other designers, that kind of stuff. It may all have been done before, but not by me, and that could bring something different.

Critique and compliments greatly welcomed. I'd like to hear what other kind of things I could do during the alteration time.
And now, back to homework.

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