Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogger template help wanted

While I'm on blogger for this wonderful blog, I'd like to find a template which is more, you know, valid to base my template off of. I made the mistake of altering one of Blogger's templates for this site, and that template was created in 2006 (or something along those lines). Ouch.
So, I need some help.

It's MUCH different than what it was, but since I don't understand much of the xml code in it, and haven't learned how to alter things yet, it's got loads of errors in it, and that makes me sad as I am trying really hard to have a compliant blog.

If anyone could give me a hand on where to find resources on making a blogger template which is recent and such, I'd be very grateful.

Someday, when I finish learning about CMS and such (when are you ever done learning??), I would like to switch to wordpress. I am thinking about moving this blog over on the blogger platform to my site, so that I can do an actual, proper redirect when the time comes, and my search engine stats won't suffer much. I realize they're not that great yet, but I've done an awesome job in 3 months, and while I think I could do it again and it would be great practice, I don't want to lose whoever I've managed to get while I'm here.

So, yes. Send those helpful hints my way, if you can. I'm sure it'll help out other people as well.

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