Thursday, June 18, 2009

Building a Findable Blog - Content Sharing is your Friend!

Going around the web, you can see that many blogs offer a way to share content. When it comes to findability, users sharing with other users is the easiest way to get your site out there.
Of course, you have to think about writing good, useful and interesting content for this to happen because nobody wants to share what they don't like.

In order to create content that people find worth sharing, first and foremost, stay on topic. Your user has come to your blog for a reason and probably doesn't want to read something irrelevant. If you trail off track, make sure you come back. Stick to the ways of writing for the web, write in short relevant bursts, and maybe give the user something to offer. Users LOVE when free stuff is involved. Try creating a template, writing a piece of code, making a game and sharing it with everyone.

On the bottom of your posts, make it easy for users to share. Remind them that you're worth sharing with the world by leaving links to, digg, twitter, facebook or any other sharing tool you can think of. If they know what it is, they will use it. Get out there as many ways as you can by making everything available.

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