Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The lightblub of discovery has turned on

I've come to a discovery.
This is a rather obvious one as far as the web goes, so brace yourselves.

For the longest time I've been struggling to figure out the difference between Web Standards and Web Content. That completely shows in the first post I wrote where everything is somewhat mushed together and nobody really understands what I'm talking about specifically. But see, at the time I was thinking that they were one in the same, and such as it was, totally became confused on which was which. How? Well, I didn't really understand that Web Standards was about the actual main languages that we use to create a page. I thought about the concepts in how I understood the words, and never really read much about the individual concepts until this semester. A little light reading has cured me from such thinking.

Even how I think now isn't completely clear. I have so much more to learn, and I'm so fascinated by the idea that the web is controlled by such intricate things such as languages, and their optimization depends on things such as how much a word is used on a page. I wish to discuss what I learn more as I keep learning them, so after I read about a subject in more detail, I'll write about it here to share what I've discovered.

So, forgive me for being such a newbie. I believe we've all been at this point at one time or another.

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