Friday, June 19, 2009

On the topic of "interesting content", be careful what you write

It is really important to make sure your content is interesting to help with findability. Research and make sure it's correct, relevant to the topic at hand, and that it has something to give to the user. And maybe legal would be nice, too.

I came across this article on a Microsoft site of all places about 32 cool things you never knew you your technology could do. One of the things listed was to take Apple's OSX and install it on a netbook, which if you read Apple's agreement, kind of goes against it. Actually, the article also talks about bootlegging to get the os to install, which is kinda illegal. Apple has a history of being really angry with people who use their os like that. So, this article being an interesting topic of conversation would draw many people to it, and it being on a Microsoft site, the gulible people would think it trustworthy. I predict the article will not remain online for long... at least not in the form it's in now. It's already drawing a lot of press to it, and not all of it is good either.

Important lesson: think about what you write.

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